Contact me

A friend once asked for permission to share my email with someone who could use my help. I said “you’re living in the 90s” by asking.

My DMs are always open. TwitterLinkedInEmail

It doesn’t cost much to ignore DMs, so instead I optimize to hear from anyone. I’ve met amazing people in my DMs and some are still friends. You learn a ton. I love the internet!

I can’t promise to get back to everyone. If I’m programming, writing, or or sailing, it’s quite possible that there’s no time. But I’ll read everything at some point and who knows.

How can I help?

  • Talk: Invite me to give a presentation and Q&A about my book or more generally around leading and scaling technical teams and companies. There’s a lot of nuances and context needed to apply some of the suggestions in my book and it’s often useful to dig into them with a team.
  • Consulting: I don’t have a lot of time for longer term engagements these days, but I’m happy to troubleshoot and discuss for few hours. For quick questions or feedback, I’d prefer email with a lot of context and a few questions. It means we won’t have to coordinate schedules. But for a few hours and a deepdive into a few gnarly problems, reach out to schedule.
  • Board or advising: I’m currently full in terms of board roles and longer term advising commitments. But that’s ok, see the consulting point above, we can do a lot with a few calls.
  • Angel or seed investing: I’m a much better builder than investor. But my wife runs her own fund and feel free to reach out to her